Artsy Fartsy 1 - Stained Glass From Line Art

All images manipulated by me in Paint Shop Pro.

All of the following images were created from black & white line art. 3 of the patterns are original line art from & Copyright © Warner-Crivellaro Stained Glass Co.

For this image, I 'filled in' the stained glass portions, did a drop shadow, made the background from a gradient & then used the Flood plugin from Flaming Pear.

Long time aquaintences KNOW I had to put a cat SOMEWHERE in here! The pattern is from Rosie Hardman's Site If you're into digital creating, this is the site for you!

I love the 3 dimensional quality of this.

Combining two of my favorites, glitter & stained glass. I love anything shiny (you should see my house at Christmas!).

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