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I LOVE GLITTER! But, It's a pain to do in Paint Shop Pro, & some things can't be done without quite a bit of work.

So, when I came across a tutorial on how to use ImageMagick with a PC instead of Web-TV, I decided to give it a shot.

After much trial & error, I found that the main problem was that the glitter bars I was using weren't long enough! So, I made some of my own, at 50 pixels high by 800 pixels long. These SHOULD be long enough for a banner made at font size 72 (possibly larger). (This is for the tri-color glittering - for single color any size glitter tile will work, since the "tiled" option will be checked).

MONSTROUS thanks to Tony D'Agostino (aka StinkyWetDog) for his gracious permission to use & modify his tri-color tutorial! (It's also the basis for the single glitter tut). Please visit his entertaining & informative site HERE He has a TON of graphic stuff & midis, including beaucoup glitter bars! To see his original tutorial, please click HERE .

11 Jul 2003    Tri-Color Glittering
An impressive effect!
11 Jul 2003    Single Color Glittering

My glitter bars @ 50x800 can be found HERE

For more glitter, both as tiles & bars, check out the following links:

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Stinky Wet Dog's Animated Bars Pages GREAT STUFF!

Auburn Angel's Glitter Page

To make a transparent banner WITHOUT PaintShopPro, go to Banner Generator When using it, be sure to check REGULAR at the bottom! (unless you ARE using a WebTV!).
Here is a screenshot of what you will see:

Save the generated banner to your hard drive (or web space, if using WebTv) & then use it in the Image Magick tutorials.

If you're really feeling adventurous, you can download the ImageMagick program, from ImageMagick.Org . I checked out one of the FTP sites & I think I'll stick with the on-line version for a bit!

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