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Uh-huh. 3 guesses why my back is to the camera.

This is where I can usually be found (I'll be needing a Wide Body chair, soon!). The furry critter in the cubbyhole is Simone (Birman Cat). This was just after I'd finished putting the workstation together, which is why the vaccuum attachment & glass cleaner are there - as well as why it's so clean!

Let's see.... fascinating things about Your Genial Hostess....uhhhhhhh...... Nada.

So, to the basics. As of this writing, I am 46 years old (I think being middle aged is hilarious! Let's see how I feel when I hit 50!). I'm an old maid by choice - too cranky to have someone around all the time. When I do what I do, I do accounting. I also worked in the restaurant biz for 11 years, & actually miss it. We currently build computers & sell them from home, cheap. He's hardware, I'm software. I never thought I'd turn into a geek, but I now experience palpitations when contemplating new software or hardware upgrades (get out of the house, lady!).

I'm a wild eyed, bleeding heart, flaming liberal, when it comes to politics - at least so I've been told. I'm actually pretty conservative when it come to myself, but I also feel everyone has the right to live their lives according to their own lights. If that makes me bleeding heart, etc., so be it. The way I usually describe myself is to say I've lived in the South long enough to not be surprised by anything, but I'm still enough of a Midwestern Methodist to dissaprove of practically everything.

As for hobbies, for years I couldn't be seen without a camera. When I got my Chinon SLR (fully manual!) at the age of 25, I was overjoyed. However, it's been broken for many years (no scratch to fix it!) & while I have borrowed a 'point & shoot' camera here & there (including digital), it just isn't the same. So, the current hobbies are gardening (I come from farm country & have always made it a point to have a bit of dirt close by) & now my computer - esp. Paint Shop Pro.

I've been a fan of the Chicago Cubs baseball team (God Help Me) since 1967, although I frequently wonder why???

So, that's Your Genial Hostess!

And YES, to answer a question, I'm a

Why "Pegs"? My original internet name was StPatrick, in honor of my first Chicago concert, March 17, 1974. Unfortunately, everyone ignored the "St" & thought I was Patrick, a guy. So, I started signing posts as Peggy (my actual name). One person started calling me "Pegs", then everyone started calling me that & it stuck. It's also faster to type than Peggy. :P

September 7,2002.


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