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Fred & Geek & Lucky! Fred & Geek & Lucky!
Wonderful graphics, wonderful recipes, and a wonderful friend! This place is a carnival & you'll have a great time!
Lady Paula's Home Lady Paula's Home
Very elegant, very Victorian, very much a good friend. Please visit Paula's lovely site - it's breathtaking!
The Cat Corsairs The Cat Corsairs
Visit with the Mew Crew of the Pirate Ship "CatAvenger"! Enjoy their adventures as written by Shel, The Cats' Butler. Wonderful kittypix & charming stories.
Blue Archer Blue Archer
Visit the site of Web Designer non pareil, Ed Bindler! He is responsible for the sites of the band Chicago (a subject close to my heart), Federico Castelluci, & others. He also has vast computer systems experience AND can restring your tennis raquet! What a talent! :D (he does a mean ChiLogo design, too!).
DincFonts DincFonts
Nifty, neato fonts for all ocassions! Check them out!

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