The music files contained in this section (& on the entire site! ) are from my personal lp, cassette, 8-track & even 45 collection (with 6 exceptions!). I uploaded to my hard drive in.wav format, 'cleaned' them with Cool Edit Pro, & then condensed the files to .rm format. This means they are not of the quality of the originals.

While I COULD record them in RealProducer for a target audience of 512kb/cable/dsl (instead of 28.8 modem), which would actually make the files sound better than the originals, it would make for a HUGE file size as well as be a bit too tempting for thieves. I also don't want to get in trouble with the Feds! These are posted for entertainment purposes only!

Please support these artists & buy their works (I DID)! If you need album info for a particular song, please post in either Guest Book, or on the Discussions page & I'll give you the information.

If you are the copyright holder (or agent of same) of any of these works & would like it (them) removed, please let me know & I will do so immediately.

6-30-05: I am re-doing the Jukeboxes (finally). Please leave a note HERE to let me know which you want to stay. Thanks!

Hippie Dippie Jukebox
If you listened to FM radio in the late '60s & all the '70s, you most likely were listening to these. So, turn down the lights, fire one up & kick back!

Chicagoland Jukebox
Featuring songs that were hits by Chicago Area Artists.

Jazz Favorites
Various styles - more to come.

Obscure Favorites
One Hit Wonders & Regional Hits (and a few rarities). ALL great! (of course - ain't got no dogs in here!).

                                                                                    Album Art Wall - 1981

Free Hit Counter
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