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Welcome To My Chicagoland Jukebox!

6-30-05: I am re-doing the Jukeboxes (finally). Please leave a note HERE to let me know which you want to stay. Thanks!

These are songs from Chicago Area Artists - some were released nationally, some were 'local heroes', lol. They are ALL great!
Unfortunately, my much-prized 45 of "Hold On, I'm Coming" by The Mauds is too scratchy even for Cool Edit Pro! These songs are used WITHOUT permission (at the moment) - for entertainment purposes, only!
You will need RealPlayer to listen !       CLICKHERE!

Requested by The Baroness, I must obey! (Damn good song, too & makes up for the lack of "Hold On"!)
  • Soul Drippin' - The Mauds (With The CHICAGO HORNS! - & possibly RL)


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